Project Description

The Columbia Pump Station is a combined wastewater pumping station comprising of both sanitary and storm wastewater systems. As general contractor, Tritech was responsible for providing a fully functional standby power system to the existing Columbia Pump Station in Vancouver.


Metro Vancouver

Tritech’s scope of work for this project included:

Installation of pre-purchased equipment:
• standby diesel generator (500 kW) with sub-base diesel fuel tank into an existing genset room in the pump station
• 3-way manual transfer switch
• Genset remote radiator in custom enclosure located on the roof
• Auxiliary diesel fuel cooler and charge air cooler to be mounted adjacent to the genset

Supply and installation of miscellaneous equipment:
• Fuel storage tank, fuel transfer pumps, fuel access enclosure for fuel delivery and associated instrumentation and controls.
• HVAC modifications including Harmonic Filter, supply air fan, exhaust fan, wetwell supply, air fan, and ducting between the Plenum and Genset rooms.
• All piping, valves, and mechanical equipment
• Provide Sound Absorbing Insulation in Generator Room
• Steel support system fabrication, grip-span metal flooring and removal guardrail for the new platform in genset room
• Addition of Acoustic Glazing on Inside Storm Windows
• Replacement of Existing Door with New Acoustic Door.
• New Fuel Access Enclosure and New Electrical Cable Access Panel